Next generation Live Event platform delivering targeted, immersive experiences to global audiences.

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Bring your broadcast and livestreams to life by unlocking immersive and engaging second-screen content.

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Turn your broadcasts and livestreams into immersive and engaging second-screen events. Utilizing a custom “marker” interactive augmented reality content is unlocked with a simple scan from your smartphone creating trackable experiences like never before.

AR Content

Scan a broadcast or livestream to unlock beautiful, engaging AR content with your smartphone

Multi-Stream Flexibility

From broadcasts such as ESPN to Netflix to Twitch streams EMERGE can integrate and deliver with ease.

Infinitely Scalable

EMERGE was developed to support audiences of all sizes and quickly spin up new event support

Clickable Content

Enable the viewer to click to interact with the content for purchasing, more info, unlocking, etc…

Audience Targeting

Our AI engine’s rules-based targeting delivers the right content to the right audience at the right time.

Brand Partnerships

Targeted brand partnerships that align with both event and audience.

Flexible Delivery

Deliver the content via a white-labeled mobile app or go app free with WebAR.

Changing Content

Deliver unique content during the event via a new marker, a timeframe, or rescanning the current marker.

Reporting and Analytics

Next-level metrics to analyze the data and effectively measure success.


Recreate in-person experiences with XR livestreams combining virtual venues with talent and production to deliver immersive performances.

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Perform virtually in iconic venues and studios globally in addition to custom-created worlds through the power of XR. Fans anywhere in the world can bring iconic venues and productions into their own environment to enjoy performances played out in front of them. Stream, monetize, and recreate in-person, live engagements with powerful modules to bring audiences into a captive and immersive experience.

XR Performances

Experience music as if you were there live, utilizing custom augmented, virtual, and mixed reality technology.

White Labeled Mobile App

Custom branded mobile app to activate and engage your fans.

WebAR / WebVR

Bring the power of XR to websites without the need for a mobile device.

Virtual Meet & Greets

Live video meet & greets with fans pre or post performance.

Immersive Venues

Customized worlds or recreations of real venues through eXtended reality for a unique experience.

Messaging / Live Chat

Instantly notify fans of new events, offers, and more and allow real-time interactions between fans.

Brand Partnerships

Onboarding of brands that best align with your audience.

Merchandise Integration

Merchandise integrated into the experience to offer pre, during, and post event.

Production Enhancements

Video boards, eye-popping production, and special effects to enhance the user experience.

Gifting / Donate

Allow fans to support the performance with gifting.

Virtual Ticketing

Make your event free or restricted to ticket holders only.

Casting / Mirroring

Project the performance via mirroring or casting to your TV.

Some Of Our Virtual Venues

We’ve collaborated with Buzznog on several of our MSG Live events with incredible results. The team always delivers first class, innovative solutions and have been a strong ally as we both continue to push the envelope on fan engagement.

Madison Square Garden

I’m enthusiastic and dazzled by this new AR / VR experience and look forward to seeing where KFE [Knitting Factory Entertainment] and Buzznog grow in expanding both our partnerships and technology in the future.

Knitting Factory Entertainment

Buzznog has given us the tools we need to create a user experience on-site though their technology. We have been able to work hand-in-hand adapting as the festival has grown. We've been known to have some pretty high demands and outrageous ideas but the Buzznog team always figures out a way to turn our dreams into a reality. Together we will change the live music space forever. We're so excited for what we have in store for the future.

Rolling Loud

Buzznog is one of the only companies who are constantly bringing new ideas to the table. They constantly are iterating and make their product and the business better.

UMG Nashville

Buzznog by far exceeded our expectations. We are just thrilled with the level of redemptions and fan engagement.

Big Machine

Buzznog is a leader in mobile and multi-platform technology for artists and their fans. The company is devoted to developing new features and functionality that keep them a step ahead. It's been a pleasure to work with them through the years.

United Talent Agency

The Buzznog team are some of the best in the business. They keep their ear to the ground in terms of the latest and greatest tech within the music industry. They have excelled the Prime Social Group portfolio of events to new heights and we are happy to call them partners.

Prime Social Group

I love working with the team at Buzznog. From the top down they’re passionate, dedicated, creative and focused. Furthermore they challenge us to think critically about how our artists interact with their audience and to use that thinking to help them deliver better insight into our fanbases.

Candyshop Management